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as we transform our sprawling summer camp into a magical retreat of endless music and immersive art.

Anticipate hidden forests, beachfront parties, wellness workshops, outdoor activities, interactive performers, and captivating experiences of all kinds. This is Elements Lakewood.

We can't wait to be back in the woods dancing, laughing, and inhibiting our own world together. Your energy and smiling faces inspire us to outdo ourselves each year. We've been dreaming all year of creating new forest escapes, treehouses, and unique experiences to surprise you with. 2019 brings more immersive spaces to become a part of, unique art cars to climb on, large sculptures to explore, secret paths to uncover, exhibits to question, and alternate realities to enter.

No matter which direction you choose to experience all we have to offer, your adventure awaits. Catch that secret sunrise set deep in the woods and then rest under our cozy lounge domes, or miss that same set as you get lost in conversations around the fire pit with new friends under the fireworks. The plan is no plan. The only plan is to be a part of it. And that is the best part. The part of what makes Lakewood well, Lakewood.

Continue reading for more info on what our team of dreamers and doers have in-store!



We know how much you love the Forest, so we will be moving more late night stages into the deep woods and going until sunrise! We'll be bringing more of the artists and vibes you love from years past, as well as some big fest grade headliners. Lineup announced early 2019!




We live for the moments when the fine line between onlooker and participant is crossed. Our art department loves to build experiences that need to be well, experienced. Run through a hallway of infinity mirrors, lose track of time and explore the enchanted forest, climb on a giant sculpture, nap beneath domes, venture into the Lakewood Sanitorium; we’re creating worlds within worlds for you to discover. This is an adventure.

Our third year will see more art cars, large sculptures, areas for relaxation, secret paths and shortcuts to explore, new art and music areas deep in the woods, and fire pits to gather and build community around. Channel your imagination at tea ceremonies and lounges, take part in camp games, and immerse yourself in visual stimuli.

Stay tuned for all of our art installations to be announced!

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Our healers are here to help you continue growing into the best version of yourself with with three full days of Health and Wellness programming planned including Aromatherapy, BassYoga, Ecstatic Dance, Improv Comedy Workshops, Sunset Yoga Flow & Hip-Hop Yoga, Sound Baths, and many others are being brainstormed as you read this. Want to bring your wellness practices to Lakewood and get involved? Hit us up!

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There's nothing like some summer camp shenanigans. Our grounds are complete with the works: Roller skating, volleyball, soccer, basketball, a ropes course, zip lines, kayakas, pools, hot tubs, and rock climbing. Play human foosball. Sing songs. Fall in love. Ask your crush to dance. Make it up as you go along.

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The 3-Day VIP Pass:

  • Expedited check-in
  • Relax in the VIP Only Lounge with free massages, goodies, giveaways, and premium liquor bar
  • Access to our VIP Concierge
  • View the show from the best seats in the house at our VIP Viewing Platforms
  • NEW Air Stage deep woods VIP lounge, bar, and tea house

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